Meet the Team

Joe Parish

Online Body Composition Coach and Founder of JPhysique

From day one, founder of JPhysique, Joe Parish’s ambition has been to dispel the damaging and unfounded myths about training, nutrition and attaining the optimal lifestyle that continuously lower your confidence and convince you “you’re not good enough” “you’re not big enough”, “you’re not lean enough”. The more he discovers how educated and sustainable choices directly transform the lives of JPhysique clients, the more his passion and ambition grows to help as many of you realise and achieve your potential goals as possible.

Joe continually strives to enhance his own knowledge base and skill set as a coach to guarantee his clients get results. He aspires to provide you with the tools to continue to build upon your successes with clarity and confidence.

Joe specialises in body composition and lifestyle transformations and competition prep.

Joe’s quirks and perks:

  • Joe used to be a pro footballer and super endurance national cross country runner but now he squats heavy to WWE Wrestling theme songs and invests strongly his self-development.
  • Joe loves red wine and (REALLY!) loves scented candles. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are simultaneously his biggest love and his biggest weakness.
  • Joe has competed in five physique competitions and has been awarded the UKBFF Scottish Physique Champion title twice. He has also competed in one powerlifting meet already and has his sights set on another later this year.

Josh Walsh

Online Body Composition Consultant Team JPhysique

Whether its delivering strength and conditioning programmes to elite athletes or helping both males and females, irrespective of age and experience, to attain a healthy, balanced relationship with training and nutrition, Josh’s experience and passion lies in supporting and ensuring every client meets and exceeds their body and lifestyle goals.

Josh recently retired from his successful swimming career spanning 18 years, has a BSc Sport and Exercise Science and is due to complete his MPhil in the same field.

Josh’s quirks and perks:

  • Sport ran in the family but Josh’s gym motivation came from his Dad who, in his 30’s, competed part in several body building competitions. His Dad’s ‘cheat meal’ of choice was bacon sandwiches covered in brown sauce; a tradition he is very willing to continue.
  • Much to the bewilderment of friends, Josh has a strong tendency to fixate on certain songs and play them on repeat. Tracks by REO Speed wagon and Dido will regularly get played for a full duration of his training sessions.
  • Outwith fitness and food, through time spent swimming competitively in many different countries, from India to Australia, Josh developed a taste for travelling and his aim is to revisit and explore as much of the world as he can.

Carly Malcolmson

Online Body Composition Consultant Team JPhysique

Carly has extensive experience working with females from diverse training and nutrition backgrounds and specialises in working with individuals looking to improve their relationship with food, overall health and body composition.

Before her knowledge of training and nutrition was fully developed, Carly experienced first-hand many common struggles and barriers such as being overweight, feeling self-conscious, restricting food types and training.

Her passion thrives off supporting her clients to diminish unhealthy habits, to be happy and to achieve their goals.

Carly’s quirks and perks:

  • Carly loves wine, prosecco, cocktails and days out with her girls…she is Scottish after all. She also loves food, loves training, loves sunshine, loves holidays, days away to St. Andrews, seafood, cakes, ice cream, Disney tunes, time with her loved ones and finds Liam Neeson bizarrely attractive.
  • Carly has competed in three physique competitions in 2016 already (UKUP winner, BNBF winner, UKBFF top 5) and is currently prepping for the British finals on the 25th Sept. Carly is also a Body Type Nutrition Academy Nutrition Coach and fully qualified (and well-practiced!) in delivering a wide range of fitness classes.

Leanne Hurst

Online Body Composition Consultant Team JPhysique

Leanne promotes weight training and a balanced approach to nutrition to both females and males as a means to achieving the body they want and any goals previously outwith their grasp.

Leanne was previously a fully qualified criminal solicitor but through weight training, realised her passion and love for fitness and made a life changing decision to join the JPhysique team.

Leanne’s quirks and perks:

  • Without any prior experience, Leanne has competed in 4 competitions this year 2016 first year competing. Taking her all of the way to the World stage in LA taking 3rd place. – (UKDFBA UK and International Champion, 3rd Place World WNBF Figure, Caledonian Classic Figure Champion, Pure Elite Figure Champion)
  • Leanne absolutely loves food and eating. Nut butter and coffee are genuinely two things that she could not live without. She has been through an impressive eight new phone screens in the last 2 years (one through a fight with a dumbbell!) and is a Blackburn Rovers supporter. We ask you to please not judge!