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#OperationGROW E-Book




“With Such Conflicting Theories On How To Build Muscle Mass Over The Winter Months, We Thought It Was Time To Sift Through The BS, Dispel The Myths And Simplify The Process Of Gaining Muscle WHILST Keeping Your Body Composition In Check.”


> Do You Struggle To Find The Balance Between Building Muscle Tissue And Gaining Excess Body Fat?

> Do You Find Yourself Confused With So Many Conflicting Messages About How To Design A Training Program That Maximises Your Hypertrophy Goals?

> Are You Constantly Faced With The Challenge Of Knowing What Foods To Eat And In What Quantities To Best Support Your Physique Development?

> Want To Find A Guide That Has All Of The information You Need That Takes An Honest, Real Life Approach To Building Quality Lean Muscle Tissue?


What you will get from this e-book

✔ Over 80 Pages On All Things Training, Nutrition, Supplementation & Mindset.

✔ Access To A Detailed Library Of Instructional Videos On Exercise Execution, Setting Up Your Calories, Macros For Your Off Season Nutrition Plan & Training Programming.

✔ Adaptable & Interchangeable Training Plans Reverse Engineered Around Your Lifestyle.

✔ A Simplistic & Practical Guide Underpinned With Theoretical Approaches That Will Pave The Path For Your Best Period Of Growth Yet.


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