Scotland’s Number 1 Online Body Composition Consultancy Team.

Our ambition is to dispel the damaging and unfounded myths about training, nutrition and attaining the optimal lifestyle that continuously lower your confidence and convince you that you’re not GOOD enough, you’re not BIG enough, you’re not LEAN enough.

What we GUARANTEE to offer, across each of our tailored performance/training, nutrition and lifestyle packages, is continuously accessible support – wherever, whenever and however suits you.

What we promise to provide you with is the KNOWLEDGE, the CONFIDENCE and the SKILLS to live a BALANCED, HEALTHY and most importantly ENJOYABLE lifestyle.

By combining an EXPERIENCED and equally COMMITTED online team of coaches to an already motivated and thriving online community of members, we, at Team JPhysique can offer you the knowledge, support and encouragement to enable you to succeed. To be the person YOU want to be and live the life YOU want to lead.

It is time to forget what you’ve been told or sold before. It’s time to change your mind set and your approach STOP listening to the rubbish out there and take back control. Invest in YOU – YOUR health, YOUR lifestyle, YOUR body & YOUR goals.